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Currently I Am… Settin’ Up The “Nursery”

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It is about 3 1/2 weeks until Baby Weiss is scheduled to make an appearance so I decided to buckle down and put the finishing touches on our “nursery.” Two weeks ago, my aunt and cousins threw me a BEAUTIFUL baby shower. It was a fabulous party complete with homemade Scottish goodies, giant balloons, decorations, and activities planned by my mom. Now, here’s a first world problem for you… we got so many gifts! Too many gifts! I cannot believe the generosity of people. I was engulfed by the abundance. And so was our apartment. We have a good sized bedroom and walk-in closet, but still. It took me awhile to find places to put everything.

In the end, I decided that things that cannot be used until after 3 months of age just can’t stay in the apartment. I had to make a pile of things like my high chair, larger clothes, larger diapers, and some books and toys that aren’t quite right for newborns. These things will go live in storage for the time being; they can keep our Christmas decorations and my wedding dress company.

The one thing I was really not happy about was that we just don’t have room for our crib. I thought we could make it work, but it would make things too crowded. So, sadly, the crib is going to storage as well. Instead, we will be using a bassinet on a stand. That’s one thing I really look forward to when we eventually move- having space to create a real nursery instead of just a wall lined with the things we need.

Since I promised at the end of my post “Currently I Am… Overwhelmed” that I would eventually give a quick tour of my closet which is always organized no matter my mental state, I thought I’d do a combo- nursery tour and closet tour. Try to contain your enthusiasm.

Not featured: Bouncy seat in living room, pack n’ play and stroller in coat closet, and many beautiful things that are currently banished to storage.



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