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Currently I Am… Sippin’ Chai and Feelin’ Grateful

I’m sitting in a sunny coffee shop in my hometown sippin’ a chai latte and checking things off my to do list. I’m also sweating because its over 80 degrees outside but I’m wearing pants, long sleeves and drinking a hot beverage. Why? Because it is almost October, people, and I just can’t deal with summer vibes for another day.

As I sit here, I am basking in the feeling of gratitude. On Friday, I installed a car seat in my car so we would be ready to go if Baby Weiss comes early. That very evening, I was in a car accident. Don’t worry, I’m okay! I was stopped in traffic on the highway and looked up towards my rearview mirror in time to watch a Black SUV drive right into the back of me. In retrospect, he must have been on his phone or highly distracted some other way because I don’t think he even slowed down. Also, in retrospect, I don’t think I honked… I was so surprised to see him driving right at me, it didn’t even occur to me to honk. My car then crashed into the car in front of me, and that car into the next. I sat in my car for a minute in disbelief. A four-car crash? Did I really just hit somebody? Was it my fault? Was I doing something wrong when the first car hit me? Fortunately, with seven people in a four-car collision, nobody was hurt at all except me and I only have some bruising and a strained shoulder. The image I can’t get over, the thing that’s stuck in my mind, is the sight of my little infant-sized car seat in the back seat. It’s an image that’s stuck in my mind. I can’t help but imagine what could have happened had my tiny little baby been in that car seat. My seatbelt gave me a bruise that’s about six inches long and took four days to come to the surface. And I’m adult-human sized. Oh, the things that could have happened to my tiny baby-sized human had he been harnessed to a car seat. What do you do when your little baby has a concussion or whiplash? Panic and cry and then panic some more? But instead of getting bruised or shaken or hurt, he was tossed around a bit in what’s basically a cushioned hot tub and is healthy as can be. I am so, so grateful.

The doctor said I needed to rest for a week (why do I never get a doctor’s note for a week off of work when I have a job??). It turns out, rest is great for getting things done. I can’t run any errands or do anything really productive, so instead I’ve spent the last couple days doing nothing except getting a handle on my daunting task list (you can read about it here and here). I answered emails, worked on my blog, organized and scheduled all the things I need to do for the next week or two, and watched a ton of TV. The rest of the week will look much the same. More things to be grateful for.

With all this planning I’ve been able to do, I have a plan for the next month (or so) for my blog. For the next few weeks, here’s what you can expect from me- I plan to publish a post every Monday. These can be on anything but most will fall within the categories of parenthood, organization, and relationships. I also plan to give a brief weekly update every Wednesday- nothing flashy or profound- just an answer to the question, “What are you up to?”

Also, this month, before our baby is born (hopefully), I’m doing a bonus post every Friday! This is going to be a five part series on our first five important parenting decisions. Topics include child care, birth plans, and the one choice I made that is driving my mom insane! Stay tuned.

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2 thoughts on “Currently I Am… Sippin’ Chai and Feelin’ Grateful

  1. Glad you are ok! How scary to imagine what could have been. One thought I have had frequently over these last almost 11 months is that we all have probably been a moment or a decision away from death a time or two in our lives. Most of the time we never knew to be thankful because life just seemed to continue on as normal. Things like your car accident bring that possibility more to the forefront of our minds and give us pause to reflect and, hopefully, to be thankful, as you were/are. I can’t guess why God spares us countless times or how He decides when our time has finally come, but I do thank Him for having a plan and I thank Him that someday I can stand and look back over all those events from the perspective of Heaven and thank Him even for the parts of His plan that I so dislike from my early point of view…One event in particular. Hmmm… All this talk of thankfulness makes me think of Grandpa. 😉

    1. You are so right, Melissa. I have had that thought many times in the past 11 months, too- how quickly things we never thought possible can change our world. If nothing else it has taught me gratitude and to savor all the mundane blessings in life.

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