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Currently I Am… Switchin’ To My Serious Purse

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Happy hump day! Currently I Am… Switchin’ To My Serious Purse. I’m about to head out for the day which means my normal little purse ain’t gonna cut it. I have a bigger bag that I use when I’m going to be gone for awhile so I can bring my laptop and some work to get done. I am one of those people that hates to waste time sitting around so if I’m going to be gone for the day, I always bring something to do! So first, I’ll give a weekly check-in and then I’ll show what I carry with me on a normal day and what I’ll bring on a long day.

The past week has been pretty busy for me. Last Wednesday after I finished setting up the nursery, my mom and I drove up to Albany for the night. Thursday morning I was sworn in to the New York bar. Sort of exciting… except I passed the bar months and months ago, so the excitement had definitely worn off by the ceremony. I’m now officially a lawyer in CT and NY. The next day I went house hunting with my mom and we found a house that we really like so, fingers crossed! Then Kenny had a few gigs, we spent our Sunday in Darien (our hometown) going to lunch with my Grandma, hanging with friends, napping at the beach, going to church, and then dinner and a movie with a friend. Monday, our church held its first Celebrate Recovery meeting. Kenny and I were eager to get involved because addiction recovery is something very close to both our hearts. Kenny led worship and I sang (for the first time in front of people!). But now the week is slowing down and I’m tackling my to do list again, trying to get things done before the baby arrives– I finally found a system that works and I’m on a roll!

As I said, I’ll be out for the rest of the day, so I will be productive on the go. I am NOT the kind who likes to think before I head out. I keep my purse packed all the time and I grab it and go. If I have a long day, I grab my bigger purse, add my laptop bag, and then I go. Simple and easy and I always have everything I need.

Here are my two favorite purses.

On a typical day, here’s what I carry with me

An iPad, a pen, a small pouch (mine is sold out on etsy, but this one is similar), a reusable shopping bag (similar), my wallet (similar), and sunglasses (my Polaroid brand sunglasses have really helped my migraines- my eyes are so sensitive! These are a similar style to mine).









My wallet has the basics- a few coins, sometimes a little cash, and then credit cards, reward cards, business cards.

The black pouch has everything else I might need

  • an envelope with coupons
  • lens wipes
  • my checkbook
  • a small perfume
  • Tums (this is a pregnancy addition- my heartburn is crazy)
  • chapstick
  • headphones
  • a guitar pick for Kenny
  • hair ties
  • my favorite pens
  • a small clear box with Benadryl (I have food allergies), bobby pins, and dramamine (I get really car sick)
  • At the bottom are sea bands. I am obsessed with them. I have a pair in my purse at all times, one in the glove box of my car, one in my toiletry bag for trips, and one in my desk for backup (I bring these if I’m going to be in the car with my brother because he always takes my sea bands). I never get in a car without them! I also wore them day and night for months during my first and second trimesters when I had morning sickness

It all fits perfectly in my smaller purse.

On longer days, I add a computer sleeve full of work and a water bottle.

I’m not sure where I got this computer sleeve but it’s bigger than my computer making it perfect to hold all the extras and keep them tidy. This Oxo thermos is my favorite to-go cup because it never ever leaks. I can put it in my bag with my computer, toss it around in the back of the car, and never worry. It keeps my coffee hot all day or my water freezing all day. This morning it still had ice cubes in it from when I filled it around dinner yesterday.

Here’s what’s in the computer sleeve

A notebook (courtesy of, a small pencil holder, my computer (I have an 11in macbook air), and a file folder where I keep documents that I need to work on or that I might get calls about when I’m out (I bring them with me so I don’t play as much phone tag) like the UPS receipt for the thing that broke in shipping, a list of blogs I want to post, the police report and insurance information from my car accident, etc.

Ready to go!

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5 thoughts on “Currently I Am… Switchin’ To My Serious Purse

  1. I feel like a voyeur reading this post. No keenex Pocket pack, no nail clippers? Wait until you have child. Always runny noses and nail clippers not only clip nailed but tall straws and many other things. I think that is an awfully lot to carry. Oh well, it’s your back. But I know what you would say to me.

    1. You are the epitome of low maintenance. I wish I could do that! I randomly feel like I smell bad halfway through the day and want a quick drop of perfume. Can’t help it! I guess I have a lot of little quirks hahah

  2. I thought I knew how to pack but it turns out I need lessons from you AND your mom. You’re really good at this, Laura.

    1. Haha I like to cram as much as I can in! Got to keep organized to do that! But nothing like my mom- it’s shocking to see what all she can fit in a handbag

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