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My mom bought me a jewelry box years and years ago. I have used it ever since because it is beautiful and classic and makes me feel fancy. But, in terms of jewelry storage, it actually sucks. It has 10 deep drawer-like areas and a place to store rings. That means the jewelry is a little difficult to get out unless you have tiny hands. It also means that my necklaces are always tangled. I’ve always just dealt with it because I have no creativity when it comes to jewelry; I wear the exact same thing every day. I never figured it was worth it to come up with a new system because I so rarely wear the things that are in there. But I do have things like dangly earrings that I like and necklaces that I wear for special occasions, and I’m getting really sick of digging around trying to make this thing work. This box is also fairly large and we are currently in a pretty small space. About a month ago I decided it was time for a change and I’m so happy with my new system!

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My old jewelry box- so pretty! But as you can see below, not very functional.

The sides swing out on hinges and there are two drawers (shown at the bottom).

Inside, there was chaos!

I pulled out all my jewelry and organized it by type, got rid of a few things I never wear, and cleaned some really tarnished silver necklaces

I had these cards left over from a wedding craft so I cut slits in them to store necklaces and punched holes in them to store earrings.

I always have a ton of portion pack ziploc bags. They’re so useful for, well, EVERYTHING! I used them to store the cards in to keep things from slipping around and from getting tarnished or scratched.

Here is my jewelry all sorted onto cards. So much easier to see!

Top Left: Necklaces

Top Middle: Earrings

Top Right: Rings

Bottom: Statement necklaces in small jewelry bags


I put my bangles, a black bracelet, and a small bag of miscellaneous things (e.g., spare earring backs, a tool to reset Kenny’s watch) in a vintage box that I had (on the left).

The rest of my jewelry went into a pink and white box that my cousin gave me. The cards fit perfectly and I can easily flip through all my jewelry like a rolodex. These are so much smaller than the jewelry box I had before, but they keep everything much tidier!

Here’s what it looks like when I flip through. So easy!

An added perk? When I travel, it’s super simple to grab a few things and throw them in a bag. I know they won’t get tangled or damaged because they are all protected.

I posted this picture to my Instagram a couple weeks ago showing my suitcase for a quick trip I took to Albany. I needed to dress up so I brought my pearl necklace- and look how perfectly protected it was in transit.


How do you organize your jewelry? How do you make the most of your small storage spaces?


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6 thoughts on “Jewelry Organization

    1. Mom, I can’t give you my jewelry… it’s in poor taste to give gifts back to the purchaser 😉

      Believe it or not, I actually wear other jewelry more often now because I don’t have to dig around or untangle it. Win-win.

  1. I’m pretty sure I gave you a jewelry box too. For your birthday years ago. I probably don’t need to tell you that I have a small ring box with my engagement ring. A 10 year anniversary ring my moms engagement ring and a pearl promise ring that stephen got out of an oyster next to Nancy’s in oak bluffs when we first met. I have a set of diamond earrings that my dad gave me for my 21st birthday and a set of pearl earrings. A charm necklace that has pictures of kenny rob stephen and I. A string of pearls that my mom gave me for my 25th. Am I still the epitome of low maintenance? Hahahaha

    1. You absolutely did! It was purple and satiny with flowers and pearls on top! So pretty. It was a better design than this wood one, but not quite as sturdy. After a few years of being opened and closed, the cloth outside peeled away from the sides of the box and all the pretty things on top fell off. When I unpacked it from the moving box in Boston, it was a sad sight to behold 🙁

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