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Organizing My Makeup

Ever since we moved, my makeup drawer has been a mess. I can’t find anything and I have to take every single item out every morning. The first problem is my everyday makeup lives in a bag since I travel often and it’s easy to pack, but the bag doesn’t really fit in this drawer. The second problem is, there’s just too much other makeup here! I have some makeup that was in my purse from several mornings of running late, and some makeup that I had previously left at my parent’s house for when I visited, oh, and there’s the big box of things I don’t really use. Time for a new system.

This is the drawer from my bathroom. It looks like there’s some rhyme or reason and there is… some… but it’s not great and it’s honestly full of things I don’t use. See that skinny black bag? I call that makeup purgatory. It’s where I put things that I can’t stand to get rid of yet, but never use.

Step 1: Take out all my makeup and … Step 1.5: Clean dirty brushes

Hey Laura, remember when you broke a black eye shadow and shut it away because you couldn’t deal? You do now.

Step 2: Organize makeup by type- foundation, lip stick, etc.

Top row from left to right: concealer, lip stain/ blush/ I use it for everything, eye shadow, mascara, eye liner, eyebrow pencils, an empty palate
Middle Row: Face primer, foundation, powder, blush and bronzer, lip products, lip liner, brushes galore
Bottom Left: Things that aren’t makeup…

Step 2: Take out anything that is broken, empty, expired, the wrong color, or not even makeup. Get rid of them and don’t look back.

Here’s what I have left

Step 3: Take out anything I use only on occasion

For me, this was two categories: 1. Things I use but have duplicates of (brown eye liner, eyebrow pencil, powder, and some brushes) and 2. Things I use when I wear dark makeup (black eyeliner and volume-crazy mascara. Black eye shadow would have gone here… RIP).

I put all of these things in a pouch that sits easily in my makeup drawer. When I’m running late, I grab this and throw it in my bag.

Step 4: Take out everything I would use if I were to do my makeup for a week (I change styles often so I don’t really have a daily routine.)

This isn’t how I left it organized, but this is everything I pulled aside as “everyday make up”

Step 5: Re-evaluate what’s left.

For me, this was mostly things that belong in the “only use occasionally” pouch and a lipstick that I don’t like but felt bad getting rid of the first time.

Step 6: Find a way to organize my “everyday” makeup.

I used the silver box to make drawer organizers of sorts. I took the lid and cut it so it was the same height vertically as the base. It’s not pretty… but here it is.

Step 7: Organize and finalize.

In the front is the makeup I use regularly. In the middle is my grab-and-go bag of duplicate products and things I use less often. In the back is my travel bag for my makeup and the black pouch I use for my brushes when I travel.

In the front left box: Brushes, mascara, etc.; In the front middle box (the one I cut) primer, foundation, bronzer, blush, and lipstick; and finally my eye shadow palette to the side

Update: I now tend to keep my eyeshadow palette in the middle. Ch-ch-ch-changes.

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4 thoughts on “Organizing My Makeup

  1. The question is – How do you remember to put everything back in its proper container each day? Maybe just self discipline?!

    Also, I just read that you should wash your makeup brushes every week. How often do you wash yours? I just washed mine the other day as it had been at least 6 months! 😳

    1. It’s easy to put things back because otherwise the drawer won’t close!

      As far as washing makeup brushes, I am TERRIBLE at remembering to! It’s probably gross how long I go between washes. That’s definitely something I should work on….

  2. This post is a stark contrast to the first post on settling for less glamour. Personally, I have one drawer with tinted moisturizer, powder, and mascara. And a huge suitcase hiding behind the door full of the stuff I never ever use. Periodically, I throw the stuff I never ever use away bit by bit as I can stand. If it is perfectly good stuff but I don’t want it-I put it with yor stuff so you can have someting to do when you go crazy OCD organizer on yourself.
    Thoughfully yours-MOM

    1. You of all people should know that this IS less glamor for me! I used to have so much more makeup. But by less glamor I didn’t mean I would give up on trying to look my best most days. I meant I would settle for what fits in my budget- a few small changes in makeup brands has saved me a lot of money so I don’t feel the pressure to have a high paying career. Plus it’s always easy to save money when your mom gives you free mascara all the time!

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